CT2211 - Micro Leak Detection System

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CT2211 - Micro Leak Detection System

Cascade Technologies have developed a range of integrated on line Leak Detection systems (CT2211) capable of detecting and rejecting leaking aerosol cans on production lines up to 500 cans/minute (cpm). The CT2211 system provides 100% leak testing of the can by sampling air from around the full height of the can using an air sampling arch fitted to the production line. The system is contactless, thereby ensuring there is no product damage. Cascade offers four Leak Detection system variants, Bronze (up to 90 cpm), Silver (up to 140 cpm), Gold (up to 220 cpm) and Platinum (up to 500 cpm). By offering four variants, our customers to cost-effectively implement on line Leak Detection system in accordance with their line speed requirements. With a minimal footprint (less than 1metre of free line length) the CT2211 system can be easily installed into both new and existing production lines.

System highlights:


> Integrated detection, control and reject

> Regulatory compliance

> Varied line speeds, up to 500cpm

> Improved product quality

> Long term reliability – all solid state

> Increased line efficiency

> Configurable air arch for varying can sizes

> Reduced operational overhead

> Air or mechanical rejector

> Low through life cost

> PLC or computer control for ease of setup

> Rapid Return on Investment

> Optional encoder for reduced changeover time

> Minimal maintenance

> Error messaging by LED, LCD, LCD HMI

> Compact footprint

> Manual / automated purge

> No changeover parts

> Upgradeable

> Low cost of entry


> Complete can tested
(crimp, tri-weld and seal)






Line Speed (CPM)

Up to 90

Up to 140

Up to 220

Up to 500

Standard equipment





ATEX, Zone II Rated (in zone elements)

Production Line Reject Chute

Out Of Zone Status Lamps ( Red, Amber & Green )

Interface To Customer Production Line ( 24V Signals )

Air pressure monitoring

Control station options





Out Of Zone Wall Mounted Control Cabinet


Out Of Zone Floor Mounted Control Pedestal




Encoder options





Manual Setup of Reject Position for Variation In Can Diameters



Reject Position Fixed. Variation In can diameters selectable via HMI



Line Encoder and Software For Multispeed Lines



Operator interface options





Error and Status Message LEDs on Control Station




Error and Status Displayed on LCD screen



Error and Status Displayed on LCD Touch Screen




LCD HMI On Control Cabinet



Touch Screen LCD HMI on Control Pedestal




Cascade System Control and Management Software




Mirror Purge
















Reject system options – air / paddle / soft

Air arch size options (std: 63mm x 195mm)