CT3000 OEM

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CT3000 - OEM Multigas Instrument

The CT3000 OEM analyser is designed for continuous and real time monitoring of multiple gases in processes or laboratories, enabling improvement of both efficiency and throughput for a wide variety of applications.

The system is configured as an extractive system and will provide accurate and sensitive measurements of the gas composition.

The CT3000 has been designed to be incorporated into your gas anlysis instrumentation. It only needs to be connected to a gas sampling system and will return gas measurements.

> Simultaneous measurement of multiple gases
> Low ppm to % detection range
> Robust and easy to install
> Low maintenance and minimum consumables
> Low thrugh life cost

> Laboratories
> Air Quality Monitoring
> Emissions Monitoring
> Combustion
> Incineration
> Scrubbers
> Chemical & Petrochemical
> Refineries
> Drying


Gas concentrations are measured using mid-infrared optical absorption spectroscopy.

The light sources are quantum cascade lasers, which are operated to produce wavelength sweeps that cover the absorption lines of the gases. The lasers are mounted in the Analysis Unit and light is directed into the sample cell, where it is partially absorbed by the flow of gas moving through the heated tube.

The remaining light is detected by a receiver and determined using a comprehensive spectral fitting routine.