Quantum Cascade Laser System

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Quantum Cascade Laser System

The Cascade Laser System is a pulsed QC Laser Driver capable of operating at high power and duty cycle, whilst efficient peltier cooling enables laser temperatures down to -45 °C to be attained. Variable pulse lengths from 10ns up to 10µs allow the laser to be operated either in true pulsed or quasi-CW regimes.

Consisting of three units, the laser module, electronic card and optional USB interface module, combine to provide unparalleled levels of performance in a compact and robust package suitable for both laboratory and OEM applications.

The developer module (LM-03-D) has the same functionality as the standard laser module but has been designed to allow ultra fast laser exchange. As such it is ideally suited to the laboratory environment where easy interchange of the laser is a priority. A vacuum port is provided enabling the laser enclosure to be evacuated, giving enhanced laser and peltier lifetime. The module can be supplied with either a forced air or water cooled heat sink, which ensures excellent cooling performance from the inbuilt peltier element. Design features, such as integrated pulse circuitry and enhanced RF screening, allow unprecedented levels of performance in terms of pulse stability, pulse amplitude, duty cycle and repetition rate.

> Hermetic sealing of laser and peltier for enhanced lifetime
> Electronic module providing ultra low noise voltage supply and ultra stable thermoelectric control
> Current and Temperature ramp facility
> Pulsed or quasi-CW operation with up to 5 cm-1 (30 nm) continuous wavelength tuning
> Optional AR coated ZnSe micro-optics available for beam collimation
> Optional USB interface card for 'plug and play' with stand alone Windows based control software
> Labview drivers provided for easy integration into experiments

> Gas Sensing
> Laser Spectroscopy
> Laser, Detector & fiber optics Characterisation
> Range Finding
> Infrared Electronic Counter Measures

> 944cm-1
> 993cm-1
> 1345cm-1
> 1630cm-1
> 1901cm-1
> 2055cm-1
> 2230cm-1
> 2186cm-1