Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Cascade's monitoring product range is targeted at Continuous Emissions Monitoring applications.

Exploiting the latest developments in Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL’s), the product has been shown to meet and surpass the rigorous legislative requirements associated with these markets.

Configured to be installed at the measurement point (stack, or duct), is easily mounted on a stabbing. It is designed to maintain a flow of gas at constant high temperature and pressure within a multipass cell (165 degree C), thereby avoiding condensation and allowing for accurate and highly sensitive measurements to be obtained.

A simple and highly efficient filtering system prevents any particulates from clogging the cell and thereby altering the readings. The On Stack filter can be easily cleaned via air vent or swapped in minutes. The robust On Stack design has been tested and proven to resist the most extreme of industrial environments eg. heat, vibration, particulate build up, water condensation and acidic mist.

Typical applications

Marine - Ship emissions monitoring
Gases: SOx, NOx, CO, CO2, H2O

Power (Natural gas/Coal/Oil/Waste)
Gases: NOx, SOx, NH3, CO, CO2, H2S

Gases: NH3, NO2, NO

Gases: NOx, SOx, CO, CO2...

Gases: Depending on application