The Facility

From its state-of-the-art facility in the UK, Cascade Technologies is revolutionising the speed and accuracy with which gases can be analysed, leading to the transformation of key processes across a very wide range of industries.

From the automotive sector to petrochemicals, from power generation and chemical manufacture to homeland security and shipping, the systems that Cascade Technologies has developed have had an immediate and powerful impact leading to improved (ROI) return on investment. For the first time there is now a way of analysing gas and monitoring emissions that is fast, accurate, selective, reliable and suitable for almost any application, and those industries that have been quick to recognise the potential of Cascade’s QCL technology are already reaping substantial benefits.

Thanks to their multiple patents, innovative products and commitment to working with clients to deliver solutions, Cascade Technologies is delivering increased profits, lower costs and rapid ROI for a large number of Blue Chip clients.