Our Company

Cascade Technologies, based in Scotland, is a fast growing, and technologically innovative designer, developer and manufacturer of breakthrough Quantum Cascade Laser-based (“QCL”) gas analysers and gas emission monitoring systems.

The Company’s proprietary systems have the capability to measure up to 20 different gases simultaneously, in real-time, at much higher speed and accuracy than any other product on the market. Not only do Cascade’s products provide order-of-magnitude performance improvement over existing methodologies, they can measure multiple gas components in a single system, thus replacing several other technologies, such as Non-dispersive Infrared (“NDIR”) and Chemi-Luminescence, that would otherwise be required by customers.

The Company’s game-changing instruments measure gas composition from parts per billion to percent levels, are highly selective, and able to measure without interference from other gases. These systems are mission critical products used by blue-chip industrial customers in often extremely harsh environments to dramatically increase productivity, control and improve quality, reduce costs, and comply with stringent regulatory requirements. The applications for Cascade’s technology are numerous and include process optimization in the petrochemical and natural gas industries, leak detection for pharmaceutical, food and aerosol packaging, research and development in automotive engine test, continuous emissions monitoring in marine and power generation, and virtually any application that has gas by-products. The marketplace has validated Cascade’s solutions and the Company has successfully transitioned from a technology developer to a highly acclaimed branded solutions provider.

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