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CT5200 Industrial Gas Analyser

Cascade Technologies’ CT5200 analyser winner of the prestigious ISA AD Innovative Analyser Product of the Year award

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  • Petrochemical

    Major petrochemical refiners are looking for alternatives to GC and other traditional gas monitoring and analysis technologies due to the high operating costs and maintenance these technologies require. Cascade’s QCL solutions are a very attractive alternative, with superior analytical performance and low maintenance requirements. This will help petrochemical refiners increase production efficiency and compliance with safety regulations

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  • Natural Gas

    Cascade’s QCL is used to measure the presence of moisture in natural gas streams. The levels of water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) need to be controlled in pipelines because these gases can corrode the interior of high pressure pipelines either directly, or by forming acids which erode the interior walls

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  • Production Processes

    Cascade's modular configuration of Process Analysers allows for the detection and analysis of up to ten gases in production processes. The system’s Perfluoroalkoxy Polymer Resin (PFA) coated cell can be heated to 190°C thus preventing condensation and facilitating fast ,accurate and corrosion free analyses, so delivering accurate and energy efficient results throughout the entire production process.

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  • Semiconductor

    In the semiconductor fabrication process, etching is a key step which physically or chemically removes excess material. Cascade has developed a multi-head QCL seed laser drive which allows for a dramatic improvement to the wafer etching process

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