Monitoring the presence of moisture in natural gas streams (H2O and CO2)

Cascade’s QCL is used to measure the presence of moisture in natural gas streams. The levels of water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) need to be controlled in pipelines because these gases can corrode the interior of high pressure pipelines either directly, or by forming acids which erode the interior walls. H2O in particular must be kept low (typically below 150 ppm in mid-latitude locations and much lower in Northern climates) to minimize corrosion potential.

H2O is difficult to measure within natural gas mixtures using conventional humidity or moisture monitoring techniques. Because most of these sensors are in direct contact with the natural gas stream, small levels of contaminantes in the gas stream can alter the sensor calibrations.Cascade’s QCL technology allows for indirect monitoring and analysis of the natural gas stream, ensuring a longer lifespan and higher operational reliability in critical areas.

The custody of natural gas can change many times between the point of origin and the end customer and extensive monitoring of the gas quality is performed at most custody transfer points.



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