CT3000 OEM Gas Analyser

The CT3000 OEM analyser provides continuous and real time monitoring of multiple gases in automotive process testing and analysis. Configured as an extractive system, it provides accurate and sensitive measurements of gas composition, of up to ten gases simultaneously. This analyser is a critical OEM product for a leading manufacturer of automotive emissions testing and monitoring systems.

Multicomponent OEM QCL analyser

  • Multicomponent – up to 10 gases
  • Ambient temperature -20°C to + 55°C
  • Gas temperatures up to 190°C

Field serviceable and field configurable

  • Interchangeable modular configuration for up to 4 QCL lasers

Large dynamic range to meet your measurement needs

  • Single and dual path options give ppb to% measurement capability

Low maintenance and low lifetime cost

  • Robust all solid state

Compact footprint for easy system integration

Fast measurement response

  • Up to 10Hz

Typical applications

  • Gas turbine
  • Ammonium nitrate precursors
  • DeNOx / SCR
  • Engine test
  • Laboratory testing

Other applications available on request

  • Value CT3000
    Application Extractive gas analyser
    Measurement technique MidIR absorption spectroscopy
    Mid IR source Quantum cascade laser [up to 4 Laser]
    Laser classification CLASS 1
      BS EN 60825-1:2007 Safety of laser products
      Equipment classification and requirements
      (identical to IEC 60825-1 2007)
    Repeatibility ± 2%
    Accuracy ± 2%
    Linearity R2 > 0.999
    Measurement rate up to 10Hz
    Temperature range 5 to 45°C
    Sample gas temperature range 20 to +190 °C factory set
    Humidity range 10 to 95 %, non-condensing
    Protection class IP20
    Hazardous area classification -
    Inputs and Outputs  
    Analogue signal out 6 x 4-20mA measurement output [option]
    Analogue signal in 4-20mA signal input [option]
    Digital signal out 3 x normally closed contact fault relay outputs
    Digital signal out Modbus TCP , 100Base T Ethernet
    Inlet gas port connector 6 mm Swagelok type
    Exhaust gas port connector 8 mm Swagelok type
    Electrical Rating  
    Power supply 120VAC 60Hz / 240VAC 50Hz 540VA
    Size 243 x 312 x 463mm (HxWxD)
    Weight 30 kg
    Installation For incorporation in third party enclosure
  • Name Symbol Units Range LOD
    Nitric oxide NO ppm 5000 0.2
    Nitrogen dioxide NO2 ppm 1000 0.05
    Carbon monoxide CO ppm 10000 0.5
    Carbon dioxide CO2 % 15 0.001
    Sulphur dioxide SO2 ppm 2000 0.5
    Methane CH4 ppm 10000 0.5
    Water H2O % 20 0.005
    Nitrous oxide N2O ppm 5000 0.005
    Ammonia NH3 ppm 2000 0.1
    Formaldehyde HCHO ppm 2000 0.1
    Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 ppm 10,000 0.6
    Ethyne C2H2 ppm 2000 0.2
    Ethene C2H4 ppm 1000 0.05
    Ethane C2H6 ppm 1000 0.05
    Propane C3H8 ppm 2000 0.1
    Butane C4H10 ppm 2000 0.2
    Methanol CH3OH ppm 3000 0.1
    Nitromethane CH3NO2 ppm 2000 0.1


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